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nodejs with xampp

Hello Guys,

We can easily connect the Nodejs with xampp by follow simple steps -

Nodejs required a specfic port to run on system and defaluts port is 8080, So let's starts

  • Download Nodejs form its website ,If node is installed successfully then open terminal or Git  Bash to check 
    Run command : node -v and npm -v it gives node version ,If it shows then you installed the node successfully.
  • Install It whole package, After then make folder in any drive with any name let's I take node_code in c drive so my path is :
  • Now Install Xampp (If not installed )download.html, and run Apache , If no error on, then we are almost done.
  • Now create a .js file in node_code folder let name that first_node.js and the below code :
    var http = require('http');http.createServer(function (req,res){ res.write('Nodejs started using xampp'); res.end();}).listen(8080);
    console.log('http server started'); 
  • Now open Git Bash or Command prompt on which you run the node -v command and navigate to the node_code folder by cd command
  • Now use Command 
    node first_node.js
  • after run this command you will see  "http server started" appear on command prompt.
  • Now Open any browser you have run localhost:8080 you will appear a writemessage.
    "Nodejs started using xampp"
  • That it, Nodejs connected with Xampp. By using same concept you will connect your server to Nodejs and run Nodejs on your website.



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Anonymous (not verified)
11 Jan 2022
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Anonymous (not verified)
11 Jan 2022
Best example found over internet, thanks

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