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search engine crawlers are very required to reach audience to your website, but if they hit continuous it will harm your website performance, If you want to prevent search engine crawler to crawl here is first and basic way to do that i.e. robot.txt

robot.txt is file which tells crawlers to what part of your website need to crawl and what part or directory not, but in written format, robot.txt follows a format to let the crawls bots to performs on your website, it also block  and allow different bots by there names

below steps let you how robot.txt will works.

1. If your website name is then robot.txt should placed here

2. They are some top Bots :


3. Robot.txt have two main variables 

  • User-agent - define name of bot
  • Disallow - define which directory is allow to access


1) If you to allow only Googlebot

User-agent : Googlebot

Disallow: *

2) If you want allow all bots

User-agent : *

Disallow: /

3) If you disallow particular bot

User-agent : *

Disallow: *

User-agent : AhrefsBot

Disallow: /

4) If you want to prevent some directory to crawl

User-agent : *

Disallow: /scripts/
Disallow: /themes/


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