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Hey, today's we are talking about memcache and its storage accessing tricks or techniques

So if you want to know your installed memcache is working or not, or where the data is stored on server for memcache this article helps you to achieve this for you.

Firstly you need to install Memcache on your server you can use this link for ubuntu.

Then you need to install "libmemcached-tools" along with memcache, if you using above link then there is already told in that how to install it else you can use this command to do so

sudo apt install libmemcached-tools

Once install you and use memcache on your website and if memcache is working then you can use this command to check that 

ps aux | grep memcached

if you get similar kind to output then you are good to go


Now, if you memcache in enabled for any of website or service then all keys are displayed by following command

memcdump --servers=localhost

OR you have mutliple instance with prefiex then you can use this command to get all your keys

memcdump --servers=localhost | grep "yourprefix"

That will print all keys on command line and you will confirm that memcaching is working on your website or server


please comment following to add or update the article thanks

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